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2010 AGM & Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

of the

British Model Powerboat Racing Society


Held on  the 28th November 2010 at the R.A.O.B. Club, Coventry


Members present –












Apologies for absence were received from –

Giles Pontin,  Ian Searle and Steve Pratt


At 10.35 am, in the absence of the Chairman, Stewart Rae agreed to conduct the meeting. This received the acceptance and thanks of the members.


1.  Chairman’s Report

Stewart read out his views on the past season which he had prepared –

“This Society came into being on 11th April 2010 to provide for the needs of those in our hobby who were at the point of deciding to give up racing due to the demands of travelling very long distances to sea races, considerations were given to finance and travel time.

BMPRS has a loyal membership base and although the race dates for 2010 had been previously agreed, several clubs have stepped in to offer extra races for which we are extremely grateful.

I would like to thank those who offered themselves for Society Officers positions at the outset and those that have come on board since (club reps)

Dave Clay as our Chairman who secured racing at Branston and Kingsbury

Andy Rennie as Treasurer and Child Protection Officer, also for being a good racing buddy and pitman for myself.

Danny Bell for providing us with an excellent, vibrant and very much up to date website, not to mention his wisdom! Also to Danny’s wife Lynda for the time spent lap scoring and helping Danny with the Raffle which raised £100 for BMPRS funds, which I’m sure put a smile on the Treasurer’s face.

Robin Butler our membership Secretary who has done a lot of behind the scenes work, as well as acting as OOD at Kingsbury races.

Sally Butler who has been tasked with looking after our Junior members and will also be having an article published in the March 2011 issue of Model Boats magazine.

Our thanks also to our Club Representatives - Geoff Stent, Marie Burdett, Giles Ponting and Bill Warder who have acted as our point of contact with host clubs.

Mark Wild who has brought to our Society his experience in Health and Safety providing us with robust guidance regarding H&S issues, often thinking of ways to minimise risks that most of us wouldn’t even think about.

Sue Butler, Sue looks after our Insurance and the paperwork within our Society but she is always to be found acting as race starter and lap scorer, a thankless task and one we couldn’t do without, we very much appreciate what Sue does for us.

Drifting away from the committee the most important people are of course the membership and I am very appreciative of the loyalty shown by you to BMPRS.

The committee are particularly encouraged by the way new members have thrown themselves into the mix by helping where and whenever they can. Mike Durant has taken it upon himself to search out new race venues, many thanks Mike. Many of the other new members have assisted with rescue and lap counting and I’d like to thank Lee Clark who hasn’t actually raced yet but when he is not providing us with hot butties at lunch time he can either be found in the rescue boat or helping people launch and retrieve their boats, many thanks Lee.

All this teamwork has set the foundation for what I believe will become a Society that is at the forefront of Model Offshore Powerboat Racing in this Country. I believe it is our commitment to open communication, health and safety, fair play and good honest racing that will prove to be our making.

We as a Society look forward to not only our winter series of races, but also next years racing calendar. We are encouraged to hear that many members are building new boats over the winter months with the view to taking part in several classes rather than just the one.

Personally I would just like to thank everyone for all your support and effort you have generated since April, our success is down to you the membership and we have, between us, exceeded all expectations thus far”.


2. Treasurers Report


Andy Rennie issued a written account of the Society’s finances –
























The accounts were audited by Mr Mark Beesley (BMPRS No. 176) on 14/11/2010.


Andy informed the meeting that there were currently 59 members.


3. Election of Officers


Stewart advised the meeting that David Clay had informed us that he will not standing as Chairman as he is going multi racing.


Danny Bell was proposed as Chairman by Stewart Rae, seconded by Andy Rennie.  Voting was unanimous and Danny was elected.


The following Officers all agreed to stand again and were elected unopposed –

Secretary – Sue Butler

Treasurer – Andy Rennie

Health and Safety co-ordinator – Mark Wild

Child and Vulnerable persons Protection Officer – Andy Rennie

Membership Secretary – Robin Butler

Junior Member Representative – Sally Butler

Webmaster – Danny Bell

Public Relations Officer – Stewart Rae


Club Representatives

Burton and District (Branston) – Andy Rennie

Kingsbury – Robin Butler

Leicester – Marie Burdett

Nottingham – Mike Durant

Stevenage – Bill Warder

Telford – Giles Pontin


Stewart then handed over to Danny to discuss a letter from Darren Smith, in which he ‘proposed’ that Stewart Rae be removed from the post of PRO.

It was noted that neither Darren nor Richard Bridgman, the “seconder” were present at the AGM.

Danny has already informed Darren that if he wishes to follow this up as a disciplinary matter, it must be put to the Committee and a meeting would be held to deal with this subject alone. It should not be discussed at an AGM as it cannot be dealt with properly there.

The members wished to know what Stewart had been accused of, so Danny read out the letter to the members present.


There then followed numerous comments and observations regarding the behavior of Darren Smith at both Whittlebury and Leicester, also reference to an abusive email received by David Shaw.

It was felt that, should Darren apply for renewal of membership, these issues should be brought forward at that point.

Mark Wild reported on the Health and Safety points at Whittlebury and Leicester which were properly carried out.

Bill Warder felt that the point raised about a person being told to move away from the pit area was  the correct decision given the Health and Safety concerns.

The meeting agreed that, although this matter should not have been raised as a proposal, the issues stated in the letter had been discussed by the members, and it was felt that the complaints were largely unjustified.  They therefore felt that the matter should be recorded in the minutes, but no further action is required or necessary at this point.


4. Calendar 2011


Stewart had provided copies of the provisional racing calendar for the 2011 Winter and Summer races.  The dates were read out and agreed.  It was felt that another race was desirable during the summer months and various possible venues were discussed.  These would be followed up by the committee.


5. Any Other Business


Club Affiliation

A suggestion to the BMPRS affiliating to individual clubs was discussed. Stewart said that this may be seen as favouritism but an alternative proposal to have “Partner Clubs” was possible.  This would involve sharing proceeds, advertising, press coverage, etc. in return for availability of the venue and provision of a rescue boat. The exact terms of the agreement would be discussed between the individual clubs and the BMPRS committee.


MPBA Affiliation

Stewart reported that he and Danny had attended an MPBA National Executive Committee meeting the previous week.  We gave a short presentation about the BMPRS after which question were answered.  We felt that the MPBA had little to offer above what we already had, in terms of organisation, insurance or facilities.  Should any member of the BMPRS wish to race in MPBA or international events, they could join the MPBA as individual members, but the cost of joining the whole of the BMPRS was felt to be unjustified. The meeting agreed.


Race Entry Fees

In order to help with costs and to encourage members to run more than one class of boat, Stewart proposed that we have a sliding scale of entry fees based on the number of classes raced. The first boat would be £5, the second £4 and the third or subsequent boats would be £3.  The meeting agreed with this suggestion.



Mark Wild recommended that D class boats be fitted with an ignition-cutting failsafe, which cuts the engine when the radio control is lost.  They are available from various sources from £15 upwards.  Bill Warder stated that he had been working with Action Electronics who had produced a unit which Bill had been successfully testing.

He had brought a unit for demonstration which could be examined by members during the lunch break.

A discussion followed about the use of failsafes generally and it was agreed that members try as many safety solutions as possible during the coming racing season.


There was then a lunch break during which the members enjoyed the excellent buffet.

They were also given voting slips to propose the BMPRS Member of the Year.


Any other business (continued)



Mark Wild raised the matter of alcohol consumption during racing. He said that there had been incidents during the race meetings and was concerned that excess drinking could cause accidents and also give a negative image of the society to the general public.  He suggested a total ban on the consumption of alcohol during race meetings.

Danny pointed out that, although admirable, a ban on alcohol would be very difficult to police.

Stewart stated that we all have a ‘duty of care’ to both the members and the public.  If a person appears to have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol, the OOD, backed up by the BMPRS committee, has the right under existing rules, to inform the member that they would not be allowed to race.



Stewart informed the meeting that, following a discussion between members after the Kingsbury race, it had been decided to buy keepsake trophies, rather than annual (returnable) trophies.  The meeting agreed that this was a good idea and should be continued.

Andy Rennie gave a breakdown of the trophy costs for the season.  After a brief discussion the members agreed that, for the coming season, medals would not be awarded but certificates would still be awarded to the winners of events.


46 side exhaust engines

Stewart suggested that a 46 side exhaust class be investigated with a view to having a “starter class”.

Danny pointed out that previous “starter classes” were always started in good faith, but the rules were always “modified” to a point where they became as expensive as the other classes, thus defeating the object of the class.

David Shaw added that he would like to see electric boats be looked at, with a view to including them as another class.

A discussion followed on how the ‘offshore’ specification came about, after which it was decided that the committee would investigate the matter with a view to to making a proposal for the next AGM.

It was agreed that, during this summer season, the “Jaguar” type boats could be run as an exhibition class.


Catamaran Racing

Andy Uttley asked what had become of the catamaran proposal of Dave Clay.

A short discussion followed about the possibilities of catamaran racing.  It was felt that, if there was sufficient interest, the matter is looked at again to see if suitable races could be incorporated into the Championship.


Rescue Boat

Bill Warder suggested that, if the rescue boat is ever hit, the race is immediately stopped until any damage be assesed.  The race would be restarted when considered safe to do so.  The meeting agreed and accepted this proposal be added on Health and Safety grounds.


He also asked that a responsible adult operate the PA system so that racing decisions (such as when to cut the course for safety reasons), are made by an experienced member as they are acting as OOD at that time.  It was felt that junior members should not be expected or allowed to carry out this task.  The meeting also agreed with this rule addition on H and S grounds.


Channel Crossing Event

David Shaw gave information on his proposed Channel Crossing event, details of which will be given on the BMPRS website.



Thanks were given to Andy Rennie for arranging the venue and to the Club stewardess for the buffet lunch.

It was agreed that the next AGM be held here on 27th Nov 2011.


6. Presentation of Trophies

Danny presented the annual trophies as follows –


































The meeting ended at 3.00 pm.


David Shaw

Danny Bell

Stewart Rae

Mike Barnes

Mark Wild

Lynda Bell

Mike Durant

Malcolm Pratt

Robin Butler

Andy Rennie

Sally Butler

Sue Butler

Andy Uttley

Graham Stanley

Kevin Alcock

Mark Beesley

Judith Beesley

Bill Warder





Start up loans (interest free)








Race fees and raffle proceeds


Ink/paper for certificates




Child Protection Check








Room hire and buffet




























Current account balance as of 14/11/2010


AA class



Robin Butler


Andy Rennie


Dave Clay (NP)

A class



Geoff Stent (NP)


Steve Pratt (NP)


Ian Searle (NP)

B class



Sally butler


Andy Rennie


Mark Beesley

C class



Danny Bell


Andy Uttley


Darren Smith (NP)

D class



Darren Smith (NP)


Mike Durant


Jake Porter (NP)

BMPRS Member of the Year  -  Sue Butler