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This is a “test” page to evaluate the use of a BMPRS FORUM. A few members have expressed an interest in a forum, to allow discussion between members outside of racedays. As we all live in various parts of the country, I thought it might be worth giving it a go. Many model boaters already use Facebook, Model Boat Mayhem forum, and other various social media. So I’m unsure how much interest will be devoted to this forum?


So at least here we go!


Please treat this as “experimental” for now, as I understand that SERIF no longer support their web software. If it all works ok, we should enjoy some banter! If not, it can be simply parked in the long grass! Of course depending on interest I can add and amend categories and subsections etc.

This Forum is intended to be used by BMPRS members for discussions on any and all aspects of our fantastic hobby.  It should enable members who live miles away from each other to have a chance to have a good “yarn” and enjoy some comical and serious banter. I encourage all members to use it.




Any offensive language, discriminatory language, or inappropriate comments will not be acceptable.

Also be aware that our club is family orientated and anything written could be viewed by all age groups, so please be sure you comments are responsible and appropriate.

NOTE: When you join the Forum, please take a couple of moments to introduce yourself in the welcome section as I have done.  (This will help ensure we have bona fide members using our forum).