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The BMPRS Organisation


The very first thing to remember is that the committee are just ordinary model boat racers like you and I.

They do not have big offices with plush furniture, they mostly work at home in their spare time, which they are willing to give to the Society.

The members decide what happens and are given every opportunity and encouragement to put forward those ideas.  The committee then work towards making good ideas happen. No single person takes the decisions or does all the work, each does his or her bit for the good of all.

The committee members will also be around at races to answer any questions you have (obviously not while they are actually racing) or to put forward anything you think may improve the Society.


I’m sure most of you already know what the voluntary jobs involve, but just to sum up -


The Chairman (the name being a role description and not a gender indication).

Looks after the main meetings and makes sure everyone has their say. He/she ensures everyone is clear about what is being discussed and, if a vote is required, makes sure that it is carried out fairly and the results accurately recorded.


The Secretary

Deals with most of the paperwork to do with the Society. Keeps records of what goes on at meetings and deals with general enquiries.


The Treasurer

Keeps accurate records of the Society’s finances. Looks after the bank account(s) and makes sure the finances are properly audited. Maintains appropriate insurance cover for Society members.


The Membership Secretary

Receives applications and forwards them to the rest of the committee for approval. Issues membership cards and keeps members records.  Forwards lists of current members to race organisers before meetings


The Public Relations Officer

Produces the best publicity possible for the Society. Deals with all PR questions and helps clubs to show themselves at their best.


The Webmaster

Keeps the Society website up to date, accurate and interesting.  Publishes results and photos as soon as possible after events. Works closely with the PRO to ensure the Society is portrayed at its best.


The Child and Vulnerable Person Protection Officer

The C and VP Protection Officer ensures the Society complies with all current C  & VP legislation. Ensures systems are in place for reporting any incidents and that appropriate paperwork is kept available.


The H & S Co-ordinator

Advises both the Society and individual clubs on current Health and Safety laws and practice.  Produces appropriate forms and papers required by law or common sense.

He/she is not an ogre to be avoided, but we should all be aware of any potential risks in what we do, so these can be managed properly.  It will not stop us racing, but MAY help prevent any danger from how we go about it.


The Junior Member Representative

We actively encourage young members as they are the future of the Society.  They are invited to participate in both the racing and the running of the Society.  The Junior member representative is an elected position with full committee member responsibilities.  They take an equal role in the decision making process and look after the interests of all junior members.


The Club Representatives

They will be the first point of contact for members.  The reps can put forward your suggestions or concerns to the regular meetings for discussion. They will also be responsible for communicating  information, decisions and future plans to you from these meetings.  It does not prevent you from dealing with the Society’s officers directly, but it is always reassuring if you have your club’s support for anything you wish to propose.



Remember, these people are not gods. They are ordinary racers like you and I, who give their time for the hobby they love.

All members should consider what they put back into the hobby and should be willing to help out in some way, at some level.

Whether its putting buoys out, lap counting, OOD, rescue crew or Chairman, all are equally important to the success of our Society and the enjoyment of our hobby.