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2014 Nottingham 1 photos

The photos shown in the gallery on the right hand side are courtesy of Judith. I think they are stunning!


The weather was breezy!  The chop on the lake made for some spectacular racing and racing incidents as these photos depict.


Fortunately the skills of drivers was evident and most boats survived the day unskathed.


Please enjoy these! Bear in mind most boats were operating at just half throttle or less  for a lot of the heats. Those that did dare open up the gas, often came a “cropper”!

But well tempting for drivers as I found out to my peril!!!

From the rescue boat, water rough and high lapping over jetty!

Refreshments and service no problem here! Big thanks guys!

Someone said the tea might be iffy as the server drank from his own flask?

Proud winners at 2nd Race. Mike Gelson a new BMPRS member who has made a splendid start to the season, (From Bridlington Model Boat Club)  was in fact so proud, he burst into song and no one could stop him singing! Hes seen above second man in from RHS.

More pics below courtesy of Briggy and with a bit of humour!

More laughs and pics to follow!

Many drivers experience problems when turning around Buoy number 3. - Myself included! All assumed it was the chop! Even the rescue boat conked out when I took this photo - scary! The  VOODOO Buoy!

Some more static pics below.