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2014 Telford 1 photos

Telford on Sunday 18th May 2014. “Possibly one of the best enjoyable events held by BMPRS” said many members. Some fab photos (79!) in the gallery, courtesy of Judith / Mark. Scroll down page for more pics.


(Piccy by Craig Dickson)

A few more pictures below below.

David Clay’s A class  Race winning Orion. The A class is proving more competitive than ever with fast and furious racing.

New member Jack Hull raced his Pacer for the first time.

This boat has a superb finish both inside and out! Unfortunately some engine malfunctions curtailed racing for Jack but a lot more laps are expected from this boat in the future. Picture top LHS shows pit area and large lake which can quickly blow up rough and test drivers skills.


On the picture left, Jack is seen briefing his technical directors  prior to the race, forming a strategic game plan for the busy day ahead! Its a great shame the best laid plans sometimes go t*ts up! Jack can be seen on the RHS having a good laugh - so laid back before the race......


Having missed the first race of the season, Mike is back to his winning ways with the Patriot - D4. Mike was D class Champ for the 2013 season.


Winning 2/2 of the races at Nottingham and Telford, he’s back on pole position to be a very serious contender in the D class category this year.


Well done Mike for some great driving!

Kurt’s Pravar is something that you have to see to believe. Probably would have raced it if lake was bigger!!!!!

Bernard and his boats continue to win races! There seems to be no stopping this racing expert!!!!  Bernard

continues to be a “busy bee” between races, with his camcorder, so watch out you may soon be on film before

you know it! (The grassy car park was jammed full from end to end, waters edge to corn field with competitors!)

Great to see Andy back racing with 2 nice boats, Arrow and Phantom.