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When things go wrong!! For an interesting article by Harry Stuart, click here

New boats on the block for 2015 - See a couple of new offerings, by clicking here


Fancy getting more involved in running one of our events? You will need to be a member and have some knowledge about how we work. We do require more volunteers to help fulfil this role. Please do put your name forward, by Ian here. (Full support will be given and assistance offered  to ensure the fun element which underlines all which we seek to do and achieve continues).







Great decals add the finishing touch to a GREAT LOOKING BOAT.


If you want some from a person who is already making some superb ones for his own boats, then give Luke a call.


The boats on the RHS have some of Luke’s decals on them.


For competitive prices, and more information, please contact Luke now.







Take a look at these supplier sites.  MHZ boats and other bits on first link, Mathe engines on the second link below. I’ve personally never heard of these nor have I used them, but I know several  club members have.




(If ordering from any suppliers, several members and I recommend payment by Paypal as a secure way of undertaking transactions)



One of our well respected colleagues who races internationally, and supplies our hobby has been targeted by scum bags!


Ian Folkson whilst racing in Holland, (Trades as Ian’s Boats) has had all of his race boats, (In his trade mark GREEN colours) CMB Engines, Spares ETC ETC ETC  stolen from his trailer.


This is a heinous crime, so please ensure if you purchase any thing that may be “dubious” then check you aren’t buying the aforementioned stolen goods.


More information and photos are available on facebook etc.


Any queries please contact me.







Dear BMPRS Member



As some of you may be aware, our current PR Officer, Craig Dickson, has announced that he will be standing down from this committee position at the forthcoming AGM. Having done a great job in this role particularly in respect of his monthly write ups for the International Model Boats magazine, Craig has decided to take a year out from Model boating to focus upon other activities. He also believes that it is perhaps time regardless, for some fresh input and new ideas which can only come from someone new to the role.

As a society we are therefore seeking someone to put themselves forward for the PR Role for the 2017 season. Could it be of interest to you?

The PR Officer generally aims to produce the best publicity for the society and may from time to time receive the occasional PR type enquiry (which are easy to deal with). Perhaps the most important aspect of this role is ensuring continued coverage in the monthly Model Boat magazine, as Craig’s efforts here have given us substantial positive publicity.


Submitting articles to this magazine does require someone who has good basic writing skills and who is reasonably articulate.  To obtain the necessary information to put together race report write ups, it also ideally requires regular attendance of the races to gather the information and capture photos, although it is not essential to attend all of them. In terms of photos for the magazine, Craig has used a combination of his own and the excellent photos kindly shared by Judith Beesley.


This a very satisfying role, as you get to see your work published internationally and it is the only committee role which receives a degree of remuneration direct from the magazine for each article submitted. There is agreement that 25% of the amount received is paid to the BMPRS, the greater part retained by the PRO.


The Editor of the magazine is aware of the situation and will be quite happy to work with Craig’s replacement, being flexible as to the amount of content that is submitted.  The amount put into this role, like all of the others is pretty much down to personal desire.


Does the above whet your appetite at all?


If so, in the first instance, please contact Craig Dickson directly either by email (craig.dicksonuk8@gmail.com) or by phone (01652 679436 after 6pm) and he will be happy to run through things confidentially in more detail, including remuneration information. If you are not quite sure but feel you just might fancy having a go, again please don’t hesitate to contact Craig for further information.


Kind Regards:



Ian Searle



STOLEN 12/05/2017


Sadly, once again, we have some criminals who have been hard at work stealing modelling items from one of our members, this time it was  Ron Willets.


His shed was broken into, and a large volume of swag was stolen. Model boats, model planes Etc. Ironically, these items are of little financial value to thieves, but are of huge value to owners who spend hours making them, and treasure them like we all do. So if anyone has any information concerning there where-about's, please contact Ron as a matter of urgency using the following email.  cwrjoinery@hotmail.co.uk


More information is available on F/B. PHOTOS OF RON’s Stolen boat are shown below.

Other precious boat items were also stolen, as in the three photos below.

The boat and hatch are very distinctive. Ron put a lot of work in making this boat such a good looker! Let’s hope it becomes reunited with it’s owner.





Ian Searle has been our Chairman for the last 4 years and now (unfortunately) is standing down at the AGM. He has recently emailed members of his intentions regarding this, in more detail. If you haven’t received a copy of the email, please ask him to forward a copy onto you.


A BIG THANKS TO IAN for all of his work during the last four years whilst occupying this important role, we all hope he continues to enjoy the club and its activities nevertheless, into the future.


This is a mandatory position for the club so it needs to be filled. If you are interested and want further information please contact either Ian Searle HERE or Mark Wild HERE.




This position, held during the last two - three years by Mike Barnes will also become vacant at the AGM. Once again, A BIG THANKS TO MIKE for running the membership renewals, payments ETC.

If you are interested and want further information please contact either Ian Searle HERE or Mike Barnes HERE.