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2014 Stevenage photos

Some photos of this great venue are shown below. Thanks to Sally, Craig and Carol for taking them.


This drivers lake was more choppy than we all realised with many reliable boats having to drive carefully to keep upright, and then some of them still came a cropper! Even Craig’s reliable A class boat took several dunking's which cost him dearly in the points!



Mike’s D Class engine powered its way again to a well deserved win and 15 points.


Only just though! See Below! Looks like 2 watercooling jacket bolts came loose and this engine was well and truly cooked!!!!!! Destined for the dustbin!

My Miami came close to obliteration after spinning out and hitting the bank. Luckily it found a soft bit of mud with the nose burying itself in with engine still running! Fortunately no damage caused so it lived to run another muddy heat!

Malcolm’s Cat being expertly launched by Dave Clay.

No messing here! Just lob the cat in as quickly as possible. Some folk often do get it wrong, submerging the front of the hull and needing immediate services of the rescue boat!

Gaffa Tape needed! Malc’s Cat unfortuately had a throttle malfunction, and it had a knock at full pelt on the pit jetty! Shows how well it is put together though as it suffered just a bit of damage and didnt prevent the boat running in the second heat. Will no doubt look like new for the next outing!

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