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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

of the

British Model Powerboat Racing Society

Held on 24th November 2013 at the R.A.O.B. Club, Coventry


Members Present:







Non Members Present:


Sally Dickson

Carol Dickson



Apologies for absence were received from: Bernard Holder

Minutes of the AGM held on 25th November 2012

Due to the Bereavement of Stewart Rae, we don’t have a full copy of the minutes from the 2012 AGM, on file we have a recording of the meeting for future reference should reference ever be needed. For this fact Mark Wild asked all members present to accept the highlights as being sufficient as a statement of the afore mentioned meeting. The members present accepted.

Matters arising from the minutes:

None noted

Chairman’s Report: (Mark Wild – Acting Chairman)

Well this year has certainly seen its ups and downs in more ways than I would care to mention at times.


At the start of the season we were faced with bad weather as at the end but in between I hope we all managed to enjoy the race meetings in between.


Unfortunately we’ve seen a few changes through the year that I don’t think anybody this time last year would have envisaged: The resignation of our Chairman, Danny, and the sudden passing of one of our Founders, Scoop. This has, to a degree, put a stress on the Society that I hope I have eased by taking on the roles of both to get us to this meeting.


So, where do we go from here?! Onwards and upwards I hope.


We have a firm base set out by these people. I for one know the hard work, late nights and lengthy emails that have happened to get us to where we are now. The membership is currently around 100 strong, we are also known worldwide and being recognised as a Society in our own rights thanks to magazine articles and forum posts by Scoop.


So, who would have thought in 2009 two guys met in a lay-by at Stafford for an exchange of a few boat parts and a coffee would grow to what we have here!


I know for a fact that Scoop was grateful for everyone who stood by us from day one ! So am I.


So let’s carry on with what we do best, attending venues having fun and most of all getting our boats wet ! Racing comes second !!  Enjoyment of the hobby is the main objective.


Health & Safety Report (Mark Wild)


This year has highlighted a few things that I am working to resolve. Unfortunately my time has been taken up more by keeping the Society running.


In the coming months, once the new Committee are firmly seated, I plan to look at the health and safety documentation and implement accident forms if seen fit etc.


I will keep the Committee informed and in turn the membership will be informed of any changes.


Treasurer’s Report: (Andy Rennie)


BMPRS Financial Account – 24th November 2013



































Having provided the financial statement Andy recommended that membership fees should increase for 2014 to £12 for new members and £9 for renewals (if done by 31st January).

Race entry fees would remain the same at one boat £5, two boats £9, three boats £12, four boats £15 and £3 per boat thereafter.

Signatories for the BMPRS bank account should be updated and be :-

Chairman    –   

Secretary    –

Treasurer    –

Membership Secretary –

All other signatories should be removed completely from the bank account. These people will be decided at the election of officers


The members present agreed unanimously.


Proposals Regarding Election of Officers:


Rules 5.1 – The Committee shall be elected at the AGM, from fully paid up members who have been members of the Society for at least two consecutive years.

It is suggested by the Committee that the members present decide if this rule is to carry the two year period or be reduced to one year.


Membership agreed to keep at two years.


Election of Officers:


1) Proposal of Chairman

Propose Ian Searle. Proposer: Bill Warder seconded: Bob Cheshire.

2) Secretary

No proposals were received however Madelyn Reid expressed an interest for the position and the members present agreed. Madelyn Reid was co-opted as Secretary by the present Committee ref rule 5.3 to have the same rights and full committee status as requested by Dave Clay.

3) Membership Secretary

Propose Mike Barnes. Proposer: Andy Rennie seconded: Danny Bell.

4) Webmaster

Propose Garry Dickson. Proposer: Danny Bell seconded: Mark Wild

5) Junior Representative

Propose Luke Bramwell. Proposer Craig Dickson seconded: Garry Dickson.

The role of junior rep went to vote and the members present agreed by majority vote.

6) PRO

No proposals received. Mark Wild is willing to carry this role. Members present agreed.

No other proposals or changes for committee posts were received and according to the society rule 6.2.4 all other officers being happy to stand again for their respective posts are deemed elected, the committee is therefore:


BMPRS Committee:



Chairman                                   Ian Searle

Secretary                                   Madelyn Reid

Treasurer                                   Andy Rennie

Membership Secretary              Mike Barnes

Health & Safety Co-Ordinator   Mark Wild

C & VP Protection Officer         Andy Rennie

Junior Member Representative Luke Bramwell

Webmaster                               Garry Dickson

Public Relations Officer            Mark Wild



BMPRS – Club Representatives: 2014


Branston                    Pete Dimberline

Kingsbury                  Malcolm Pratt

Leicester                   Marie Burdett

Nottingham                Ian Rowbotham

Stevenage                 Bill Warder

Telford                       Giles Pontin



Rule Changes/Proposals


Proposal 1


In D class the cc limit of twin in line configuration engines only be allowed up to the limit of 65cc. Proposer: Kurt Cave seconded: Sha Simon. A discussion took place and it was agreed to leave the limit as it is. Proposal not carried.


Proposal 2


The cc limit in D class is raised to 65cc. Cancelled as no proposer/seconder present. Proposal not carried.


Proposal 3


Marker buoys are not to be serviced during any heat unless the race is stopped. Proposer: Malcolm Pratt seconded: Mike Durant.
No discussion held.

Vote: majority, 1 abstained. Proposal carried


Proposal 4


Change the first sentence of Rule 12.15 to “The rescue boat has right of way at all times and all racing boats must ‘substantially’ slow down when in the vicinity of the rescue boat”. Proposer: Mark Wild seconded: Bob Cheshire.

A discussion took place and it was agreed that a warning or a penalty would also be issued if this rule is broken.

Vote: Proposal carried by majority.

Proposal 5


Kevin Alcock & Malcolm Pratt proposal that wasn’t submitted in time and Kevin still hasn’t emailed the details.

A discussion was held and it was agreed to add Rule 16.5 A driver may cut the course upon the instruction of the OOD or on their own volition if they feel it is safer to do so, when the rescue boat is in the vicinity of the turn buoy. No pentaly will be incurred from this action but no advantage must be gained. The boat must resume the course in its previous race order.

Vote: Proposal carried by majority.


6. During the discussions for proposal 4 it was also agreed to add Rule 12.19 If a member of the rescue boat should fall into the water the race or practice session must stop immediately. All boats shall return to the launching area at slow speed

Vote: Proposal carried by majority.




Proposed 2014 Racing Calendar


There were no firm proposed dates however a discussion was held around 2nd March being too early and 26th October being too late, both due to the BST changes would make it dark quite early for both dates. Firm dates will be notified on the website in due course.








1. Madelyn Reid and Sue Butler raised the issue with the difficulty in seeing some of the numbers on boats when racing. Members were asked to ensure their numbers are visible for lap scorers and reminded that they could lose laps without question where boat numbers cannot be clearly seen. Sally Butler suggested placing a reminder on the website.


2. Mark Wild – Scoop Challenge. Want to introduce something to the Society in remembrance of Scoop (Stewart Rae). To be a bit different to the endurance trophy, suggest that the Scoop Challenge is for any single class rather than the drivers total from every class they run. This would then also make it open to those who only run one class of boat (unlike the endurance trophy). Also suggest that it is spread over races for the length of the season that way it won’t be decided by July. There was some discussion of how this would work. Garry Dickson and Graham Stanley would check how the weightings would work.

3. The Stevenage race was poorly attended after difficulty in securing a date. A discussion was held about the pro’s and con’s of the large lake and the small lake. For 2014 it was agreed to use the small lake as it is safer. C’s & D’s will be limited numbers on a first come first entered basis due to safety.

4. There was a discussion about D class fail safes. It was confirmed there had been no mishaps this year. Garry Dickson had teething problems but all good now. There was talk of a Sparkout costing £25. Graham Stanley asked for the information to be included in the next newsletter.

5. Other race day options where bought to the table. Sunderland would be a possible location, could mean a 2 day event with camping possible due to distance for many members. Other ideas are welcome but to consider restrictions with having fuel on water, etc.

6. Mike Durant spoke about attending trade shows and suggested membership packs be made up. This is to be considered moving forward.

7. Malcolm Pratt raised concerns over the length of some race meetings and asked the question if longer days were preferred or shorter races. A discussion was held around the weather and how long would a long day be. Members agreed if the weather and conditions were suitable then there would be no issue with a longer day but try to keep the meeting contained and running smoothly.

8. For awareness – Nitro boats – EU not allowing Nitro to be purchased by individuals. A max content 23%. Will be made law in September 2014 with a 2 year grace period.


Championship Winners

AA class 1. Mike Barnes (90 points) 2. Robin Butler (78) 3. Sha Simon (54)

A class 1. Craig Dickson (84) 2. Kian Searle (75) 3. Luke Bramwell (67)

B class 1. Malcolm Pratt (87) 2. Garry Dickson (78) 3. Andy Rennie (65)

C class 1. Ian Searle (78) 2. Andy Uttley (75) 3. Mark Beesley (57)

D class 1. Mike Barnes (85) 2. Garry Dickson (78) 3. Kevin Alcock (57)

Cat Class T1 1. Kurt Cave (90) 2. Tony Jarvis (30) 3. Bob Cheshire (0)

Cat Class T2 1. Garry Dickson (78) 2. Mark Wild (77) 3. Kurt Cave (68)


Endurance Trophy- Garry Dickson


Scoop’s best junior and best newcomer awards

Best Junior – Kian Searle (75 points)

Best Newcomer – Craig Dickson (84 points)


Member of the year – Bernard Holder



Wine and chocolates were presented to Sue and Linda for their help lapscoring.


A presentation was also made to Danny Bell upon his retirement from the Society.



2013 AGM & Minutes