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With the 2015 season starting soon, some pictures below show some exciting new builds ready to take part in the forthcoming races. If you want to feature your new build, simply email pics and description to me now.

Shown RHS and below. Boyd Elson’s fabulous new X-Cat 38” for T1 Racing. (Race number 72)


Lovely colour, and finish. Powered with an ASP 46 engine.


As one of our promising juniors, Boyd enjoyed some great racing in 2014, his first year, so will no doubt be excited to be running this new boat soon.

This boat has been designed and built from scratch by Daz Elson.


Below is Daz Elson’s new 44” Rebel F1 Cat for racing in T2 Class. This boat has been designed and built from scratch by Daz Elson. Again, superb finish on mould, with the white hull contrasting nicely with the bright orange deck, complete with some original decals.


The Mercury outboard is a nice touch providing a sense of realism as well as doubling up as a tuned pipe cover (mandatory requirement under BMPRS rules).

New Boats on the Block for 2015

“New T2 big boxy sport hydro O/D boat called Skippy. Name derived from looking like a skip when the lid is open. Didn't have it ready for Leicester but just started running this week end.

Not too good just yet as all settings etc seem different. The new Tiger King engine isn't doing what I want just yet and seems to lack torque but I think that's just because of the odd setup.

Went ok'ish at last light on Monday night so will persevere along the current lines of having the prop lifted out and using very restricted needle settings on the carb.

Very heavy built boat as haven't laminated for a few years and added far too much resin.

luckily the very abundant buoyancy seems to carry the weight ok but it tends to slip on the corners due to the high weight. got plenty of room for 30~40 minutes of gas.

Hope to have it running ok for the next round but at present aint no Conquest beater”. - H. STUART.


Great to see another BMPRS member introduce yet more new hull designs. Perhaps a little “unconventional”,  I cant wait to see this boat run and race at the hands of experienced racer Harry Stuart. In addition I look forward to seeing how the new TK petrol marine engine compares with established brands. This boat might look like a skip inside as Harry very eloquently puts it, but I bet it moves and punches well above its weight, and proves to be a BIG challenge to the rest of the big cat T2 class. The new Cat classes run for the longer heat times so good to see Harry has prepared for this with decent  fuel reserves onboard.


Garry Dickson (Web Editor)