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This web site aims to show off our wonderful hobby to members and non members alike, as well as being informative in terms of our racing, venues, events etc. In addition, sometimes things do go wrong with boat builds and we all can learn lots from our mistakes! Two interesting tales follow, first from Harry Stuart, next from Bernard Holder.


“Hi Garry.

(Feel free to publish as it may save someone from making the same mistake. I'm thick skinned as well as thick headed (on occasion))

A re learnt lesson in what can happen if you don't ensure that the fuel tanks have a clear air vent.

Mine got nipped early on in testing the new Skippy boat and the pictures tell the sad tail.

Would pull away fast then get slower and slower till stop. then after recovering would restart ok then do the same again.

But if brought back to the side when running slow it wouldn't restart for a long while.

Obvious now but its all down to geriatric stupidity on my part mainly but also the otherwise excellent features of the Walbro carb with its powerful pump and shut off demand valve.

As I have 3 large tanks in the boat and only filled the first one, there was a big air capacity for the pump to pull against before it began to effect the fuel flow so the engine slowly gets leaner and leaner (and the lube depletes of course). When finally stopping, the demand valve slams shut and seals the vacuum in the tank. making it hard to restart until the air trickles back into the tank over time. So all explained by a previously hard learned lesson forgotten all over again.

Will do a cheap skate recovery of the excellent quality Tiger king with a new piston, wrist pin, ring and little end bearing. I've rubbed the high spots of the liner and scraped the shards of metal out of the cylinder head button. about £35 the lot.

My excellent friend and fellow Herrington MPBC club member Keith Mallam, took pity on me and has leant me a Zen 320 for this coming week end. (after injuring himself laughing at my cock up of course.)”


Crown Indents





Below Harry Stuart tells in his own words a story which I have taken note of, as I wouldn’t like to repeat  the simple mistake Harry made.  Thanks Harry for sharing this with us. Harry’s words below tell the story which is self explanatory.



Salt water running can corrode engines so be sure to rinse the cooling circuits out after running! This  CMB 45 ran by Bernard Holder suffered restricted cooling flow - photo below shows why!! A new water jacket solved the problem! Amazing! Bernard tells the story below. I would have probably thrown the engine in the bin!! Binning a good power plant!


Hi Garry


Photo attached of one of my CMB 45 engines that was in the Crusader 11 I lent to Paddy McGuiness to use at Weymouth July 2009 when recording Greatest British Adventures for his and Rory McGrath's television programme. About a year or so back I tried running the boat again up the Keepers Pond and found there was no water coming out of the water cooled head outlet pipe - this was why. Fitted another water jacket and it's running fine, motor not had a great deal of use. It was shortly after this that I became ill and probably forgot to flush out the water jacket after salt water use.






Hi garry,

Photo attached you might like to put underneath the one of the OOPS CMB 45 salted up. Some while ago I put another water jacket on it and went with my colleague Richard Jordon up the Keepers Pond Saturday morning and gave it a run - Ballistic! New water jacket fitted and tested, still going like a rocket! It's faster than the one I race probably because it's newer. It was good to get out for a while. As I recall it was an newish engine that Paddy McGuiness ran in Weymouth 2009 for the television programme.

UPDATE 4th November 2015:

If you thought like I did, the above engine was beyond redemption, just read Bernard’s comments below. Unbelievable!