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2015 Telford 1

94 fantastic photos thanks to Judith give a flavour of the action enjoyed by  all on this great day out at Telford on Sunday 17th May 2015.


(A few more are shown below this Gallery.)

This CAT definitely has 9 lives. A series of pictures below by Craig Dickson shows my Cat “subbing”. Amazingly it kept going! Goodness knows how the engine avoided bucket loads of water ingress? In the same heat it caught a buoy which is usually ‘game over’ and rescue when the buoy gets snagged between the front sponsons. However I got away with it again when the boat powered over the buoy!

Who says luck sometimes wins!

New BMPRS  member Paul Edgecombe introduces his superbly made Sigma V1 powered with the new Tiger King EVO engine from PMC. This boat ran very very well, and is put together with some considerable precision. Note the neat plumbing of the copper water cooling circuits, the Stainless (PMC) fuel tank, Etc.