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2015 Kingsbury 1

Thanks Judith and Mark for delivering 45 superb images again of the race day action below!

You did well keeping your photographic equipment dry Judith, the light conditions were poor so well done!

Some static pics below before the rain came!

See notes below gallery.

Notes on Static Pics Above:


1) Graham’s repairs to sponsons. Graham suffered some very severe damage last outing, and now the boat is back to race condition. (Some would have given up and called it a write off!!)


10-13) Show Kevin Alcock’s Conquest. This is a boat he has had sitting idle for a while and rejuvenated it for this race having suffered a bit of damage with his other Cat at Nottingham last outing! My goodness, it raced as good as it looks, easily winning the Cat T2 race, being fast, stable and driven to perfection, also taking highest laps of the day.


Well done Kevin!


9) The lovely Challenger 43 by Mike Barnes. It runs like a bat out of hell, is a race winner, fast stable and (allegedly) is a stock engine with (allegedly) no input from Mark Wild!!!!?????


18-25) Show a catastrophic engine failure. Model boat engines are pushed to the limit for maximum performance. This engine went pop in heat 2! Fortunately it comes supplied with a guarantee and the supplier had it repaired, returned and race ready with in a day.

In addition it had a couple of engineering modifications to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence.


14-15) Show a Cat which was unlucky going over a buoy, and ripping the stern gear to bits! Paul knows how to build boats and will soon have this sorted out!!!


16-17) Show Malcolms very fast Cat having a gremlin with the radio control and running into a bank. Again the sponson damage looks severe but Malcolm is a gobbo epert and will soon have this boat ready for more winning action. Malcolm didn’t risk running in heat 2 until the gremlins were identified.