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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

of the

British Model Powerboat Racing Society

Held on 22nd November 2015 at the R.A.O.B. Club, Coventry

Members Present:

Madelyn Reid Nicola Rae Mark Wild Mike Barnes Luke Bramwell

Kevin Alcock Mark Beesley Judith Beesley Sue Butler Robin Butler

Kian Searle Carol Dickson Garry Dickson Andy Uttley Paul Edgecombe

Malcolm Pratt Ron Willets Ian Searle Craig Dickson Sally Dickson

Andy Rennie     


Non Members Present:

Marie Burdett Gary Crisp Graham Taylor


Apologies for absence were received from:

Bernard Holder, Danny Bell, Kurt Cave, Sha Simon, Jackie Rae, Graham Stanley, Bob Cheshire and Amelia Cheshire.

Minutes of the AGM held on 23rd November 2014

Minutes of AGM held on 23rd November 2014 were presented to the members present and accept as a true record.

Matters arising from the minutes:

None noted.

Chairman’s Report:

“Thank you everyone for coming to Coventry today.
Thanks to everyone who has supported the racing this year. That includes racers for attending and racing. The host clubs, and club reps, for allowing and facilitating the use of their waters. Thanks to the race organisers, the lap scorers, everyone who has done stints in the rescue boats, contributed photographs or helped in other ways at our events. Numbers at some races have been a little bit down compared to some years, but I hope everyone feels that it has been another season of enjoyable racing. I’d also like to thank my colleagues on the BMPRS committee for all the work behind the scenes in the day-to-day running of the Society.”

Health & Safety Report:

“While there have been a few minor issues over the past season there have been no serious accidents. I can confirm there are no revisions or Government changes required to our Health & Safety policies. Legislation is set for the Society and health & safety checks are completed pre racing. Can I please remind everyone that Health & Safety is as much their own responsibility as the Societies, please ensure any incident is notified to the OOD on the day it happens. The OOD, although try their best, cannot see everything that happens on the day. Lap scorers are vital for the race day as they are a second set of eyes and ears for the OOD.”

Treasurer’s Report: (Andy Rennie)

Andy recommended that membership fees and race entry fees should remain the same for 2015.

Signatories for the BMPRS bank account should remain as:

Chairman    – Ian Searle

Secretary    – Madelyn Reid

Treasurer    – Andy Rennie

Membership Secretary – Mike Barnes

Election of Officers:

1. No proposals or changes for committee posts were received and according to the society rule 6.2.4 all other officers being happy to stand again for their respective posts are deemed elected, the committee therefore remains as:

BMPRS Committee:

Chairman    Ian Searle

Secretary    Madelyn Reid

Treasurer    Andy Rennie

Membership Secretary  Mike Barnes

Health & Safety Co-Ordinator  Mark Wild

Webmaster    Garry Dickson

PRO     Craig Dickson

C & VP Protection Officer  Andy Rennie

Junior Member Representative Luke Bramwell


BMPRS – Club Representatives: 2015

Branston  Pete Dimberline

Kingsbury  Malcolm Pratt

Leicester  Marie Burdett

Nottingham  Ian Rowbotham

Stevenage  Bill Warder

Telford   Giles Pontin


Rule Changes/Proposals

1. D Class & T2 Class: - increase the maximum total capacity from 50.8cc to 65CC to reflect the increase in capacity of the now popular single cylinder engines to 30.5cc. This will enable anyone who wished to run a twin, to use two of these cylinder sizes.

Proposed: Andy Uttley

Seconded: Mark Wild

A discussion was held. It was highlighted that the 26’s are being phased out and all pre 30cc’s will cease in 4-5 years. It was also questioned if this change would still be covered on our Society insurance, this has already been investigated and it will provided the vessel cannot carry a person.

Vote: 10 for/5 against/2 abstained. Therefore vote carried and a change to rule 11.15 required.


2. In the event that a particular class has only one entry, that person on the day has no race entry fee to pay in that single entry class.

Proposed: Craig Dickson

Seconded: Mark Wild

A discussion was held with a question over whether the entry would still be covered by insurance. We can confirm it is not a legal requirement to make an entry payment to be covered by the Society insurance. MP suggested ½ entry fee or a minimal £1 entry fee payment being made. After further discussion it was agreed to amend the proposal to ‘Any single boat entered into a class, regardless of laps completed or if racing within another class in instances of merged classes, will be charged a minimal £1 entry fee.

Vote: Majority for. Therefore vote carried.


Proposed 2016 Racing Calendar

The following dates have been proposed for the 2016 season:


Apr 10    Branston 1

Apr  24   Nottingham 1

May 22   Branston 2

Jun  26   Branston 3

Jul 10     Nottingham 2

Jul  24    Kingsbury 1

Sept 4    Kingsbury 2

Sept 18  Leicester 1?

Oct  2    Nottingham 3

Oct 16   Leicester 2


A request was made for Nottingham 2 to be changed to either 12th June or 3rd July due to a model boat show being held that weekend meaning a number of active members would be unable to attend racing. Ian Searle agreed to look into this.   Action: IS



1.  Mark Wild – Winter Series

It has been suggested to hold a mini winter series at Branston/Kingsbury/Leicester over the winter months but to end before April.

After a short discussion it was agreed not to hold this year but to send an email out to the general membership to gauge interest for next year. Action: MW

2. Mark Wild – Society Promotion

A number of the Committee have begun attending some of the model boat shows held around the country. This is with a view for a BMPRS presence to be made at a selection of these shows starting later in 2016 to show potential members and other clubs who we are and how we can help them in their hobby.

A discussion was held and the general feeling is that this is a good idea. We would be looking to have some good promotional materials prepared for these events so there may be some additional expenditure in next year’s accounts for this. Suggestions were made to have a video show, drone video and digital photo frames on show at the stands. Also, members will be asked if they would like to participate and ‘show’ their boats at some or all of the shows chosen. Some suggestions were made for possible shows to attend and these will all be looked into and considered during 2015/2016 season.

3. Although we may have fewer race venues at this time, with some in the pipeline, a discussion took place about how the championship points work. It was agreed this would remain to be ½ the number of races plus 1 race as currently is.

4. Madelyn – Boat Numbers

Still we are having issues where boat numbers cannot been seen during racing and this may impact the number of laps counted for your boat. Rule 11.6 states “All hulls must have model class and membership number fitted to both sides of the hull and should be clearly visible to lap scorers. Letters and numbers to be a minimum of 2 inches (50mm) high and shall not blend in with the colour of the hull.” Whilst numbers may appear to be visible for racing when practising alone on a lake or in the pits, many become difficult to see when other boats are also on the water, particularly the faster classes and lower boats. It was suggested that everyone have number plates, which many now do.

Rule 11.6 is to be reinforced at races, this will be included in a circular email to the general membership. Warnings will be given and if numbers are not made visible then the Committee will consider a race ban for repeat offenders. Those present also agreed that nobody should be approaching the lapscorers to challenge their lapscores, if there is an issue it should be direct to the OOD.     Action: MW

5. Mark – Raffle

We held a raffle too raise money to sponsor our Secretary Madelyn, Vice President Nicola and her partner Andy all of whom are going to be climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge on 2nd January 2016. They are looking for sponsorship/donations to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of their dad and BMPRS founder Stewart Rae aka Scoop.

Tickets were sold at £1 per strip and Mark suggested whatever amount the raffle raised BMPRS would round up to £100 which those present agreed with. £60 was raised from the raffle with a further £40 being donated by BMPRS.

There is a link on the BMPRS website front page should anyone wish to make a personal sponsor/donation. All money raised is going directly to the charity as all 3 have paid the Bridge Climb fee themselves.



Championship Winners

AA class 1. Craig Dickson (94 points) 2. Andy Rennie (93) 3. Kian Searle (74)

A class 1. Mike Barnes (105) 2. Sally Dickson (84) 3. Luke Bramwell (76)

B class 1. Malcolm Pratt (99) 2. Garry Dickson (91) 3. Andy Rennie (72)

C class 1. Ian Searle (67) 2. Harry Stuart (60) 3. Bernard Holder (39)

D class 1. Mike Barnes (102) 2. Garry Dickson (96) 3. Kevin Alcock (65)

Cat Class T1 1. Luke Bramwell (99) 2. Andy Rennie (93) 3. Boyd Elson (42)

Cat Class T2 1. Garry Dickson (102) 2. Malcolm Pratt (96) 3. Graham Stanley (70)


Scoop Challenge Trophy- Garry Dickson – T2 Class


Scoop’s best junior and best newcomer awards

Best Junior – Luke Bramwell – T1 Class

Best Newcomer – Sally Dickson – A Class

Member of the year – Mike Barnes

Gift vouchers were presented to Sue and Madelyn for their help lapscoring.


Date of Next Meeting

Sunday 27th November at the R. A. O. B. Club, Coventry



Please note these are being finalised and will be published as soon as possible.

2015 AGM  Minutes

Please find below the “Draft” minutes of the recent 2015 AGM below. (Minutes require “accepting as a true record” in due course, but are listed below because they contain some useful information for the forthcoming racing season). Minutes kindly prepared by Madelyn.

Many thanks Mads for working through your weekend to make them promptly available.